July 19, 2017

one gorgeous pool house

I just spotted this fabulous pool house
in the latest Sunset Magazine.

I love how the 15 foot long pocket doors
bring the outside in, and how about that
kitchen window that doubles as a poolside bar?

Let's take a better look...

Don’t you love how the window just swings upwards?
It reminds me of a beachside food stand.
The outdoor barstools are by Room & Board.

This setup makes entertaining friends
and family so effortless.

And lets take a look at the inside…

It’s the perfect little kitchen,
all done up with shiplap and I love how the
floors and ceilings mirror each other.

The floors may look like wood,
but it’s actually a porcelain
floor tile that easily stands up to
wet swimmers who walk in and out.

Those Serena & Lily pendant lights are
quite popular and look perfect in here!

This pool house also doubles as a guest cottage,
and the living space features a murphy bed
behind what looks like cabinet doors.

I love this fun and airy decor,
punctuated by the black windows and doors.

On the floor, 
the Twisted Abaca rug is also 
by Serena & Lily.

This space definitely needs all those natural 
elements brought in with the accessories,
to add a coastal vibe.

Here’s a great design detail,
the designers created a shower that can
be accessed from the inside and
from the outdoor pool area.

What a great idea!

Light and dark shades of 
gray are married perfectly.

And even better, they're using 
black steel and glass doors,
which is such a chic look.

What do you think about the dark exterior color?

I think it works wonderfully
at this project.

This is such a fun party house!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: Sunset Magazine

July 17, 2017

july at roger's gardens

Anytime I get the chance, I stop by Roger’s Gardens
for a little stroll through their amazing and
luxurious nursery just for fun
and a little inspiration!

Today was one of those special days,
where I had a few minutes to wander,
before an appointment.

This rain chain made with stones and
chunks of gorgeous turquoise glass
really caught me attention! 

Some of the vignettes they create
are really breathtaking…

They work wonders with 
succulents and cacti.

These spiny happy cacti are a mix
of the most gorgeous colors…

And this regal lion set against
the amazing green wall was
my favorite little
slice of scenery today.

I hope you enjoy these little

and a few of my favorite garden quotes...

“Garden as though
you will live forever.”

--  William Kent

"No occupation is so delightful
to me as the culture of the earth,
and no culture comparable
to that of the garden."

-- Thomas Jefferson

"The best place to find God
is in a garden.
You can dig for him there."

--   George  Bernard  Shaw

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,
or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." 

--  Abraham Lincoln

“Gardening is learning, learning, learning.
That’s the fun of it.
You’re always learning.”

--  Helen Mirren

“Flowers always make people better, happier,
and more helpful; they are sunshine,
food and medicine for the soul.”
-- Luther Burbank

I hope your Monday was special!

ciao! fabiana

July 15, 2017

dorinda's blue stone manor

Today was the day of the Lenox Garden Club’s
Home Tour that featured Dorinda Medley’s home
as one of the homes to visit!

Dorinda is a cast member on
Do you watch?

Dorinda’s a fan favorite and she has a
gorgeous home, a mansion really,
in the Berkshires and
since most of couldn’t be
there in person,
here’s a little tour…

And believe, me,

she made it nice!

The house,
that Dorinda dubbed
“Blue Stone Manor” was built in 1904
and sits on 18 acres of lush property.

There are so many gorgeous rooms,
including nine bedrooms in this
11,000 square foot “manor”.

Here’s Dorinda in the spectacular blue room...

with her bedazzled peacock.

Here’s a nice view of the kitchen,
that’s seen its share of drama and laughter.

She usually hosts the cast during the winter holidays,
so it’s fun to see the house in the summer,

with its lush lawns, roses and hydrangeas. 

Oh, how I wish I was in the Berkshires
today for this special event!

Bye for now, Dorinda!

Today’s fan photos from the home tour!

And here's a little tour you can watch 
guided by Dorinda herself...

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
Dorinda Medley
E News
Lenox Garden Club

July 14, 2017

ocean blue and bright white

Ocean blue and bright white…
the most beautiful combination for summer!

I seem to do a lot of posts on
my love for blue and white,
probably because this
duo is so versatile!

Cool and soothing…

Classic and chic!

Relaxing and tranquil…

Blue can reduce stress and calm you.

So this weekend,
take some time to
relax and look up at the pretty blue sky.
This can actually slow your metabolism…
and remember to breath,
deep long breaths.

Have an amazing weekend...

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
1. House Beautiful
2. House & Home
3. House & Home
4. House Beautiful
5. Serena & Lily

July 12, 2017

new vignette preview

Just a little peek at what
I’ve been working on this week…

I’m just rearranging a few things
around the house to make it

I thought I'd pull out some of my 
favorite blue and white plates and create
a little asymmetrical display on an empty wall.

There are a few other little vignettes
 I'll share later in the week.

I hope you're having a great Wednesday!

ciao! fabiana

July 10, 2017

raili clasen's kitchen of the month

From beginning to end, this month’s issue
of House Beautiful is stunning.

Very rarely am I this excited
page after page after page.

Starting with this farm-house inspired beauty 
designed by Raili Clasen of Raili CA Designs.

Here in Newport Beach, many of us are familiar 
with the Raili's (pronounced Riley) Designs
because several of the homes 
she's designed have been 
part of the Newport Harbor &
Corona del Mar Home Tours.

We've seen these homes inside and out,
up close and personal,
and they do not disappoint!

This huge kitchen is as big as a barn,
according to Raili, and measures 20 x 25 feet,
and that Caesarstone topped island measures 
in at 14 feet in length.

Three huge pendants from Urban Electric Company 
add drama and much needed scale over the island and
a single row of eleven bare Edison bulbs light 
the dining room table.

Ann Sacks cement tiles are the perfect visual aid 
for the backsplash behind the cooktop and 
on an adjacent wall at the dry bar.

The outdoor spaces are just as important as the indoor ones,
so architectural designer Eric Olson designed a huge
fireplace to be the focal point
and gathering spot for the outdoor lounge area
that's framed by two matching pergolas.

Several of Raili's homes have been featured on the
two that were her own private residences.

Her first design project, which was her own home, 
was featured on the Newport Harbor Home Tour in 2013.

It may look familiar to you because it’s been
in Better Homes & Gardens magazine
and on pinterest a lot!

Here’s her other private home that was featured
on the home tour in 2015.

I love how her style evolves,
but she still brings out the fun in every room. 

You can tell from this overall shot of the
kitchen, living room and dining room
how spacious the entire home is.

What do you think of this kitchen?

This outdoor space is just a peek at Raili’s design for
this home that was in the Corona del Mar Home Tour.  

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek little detail from a house
that’s a few blocks from mine, also featured in print.

How about a little floor-to-ceiling cement tile?

Raili’s not afraid to take chances! 

Hoping your Monday is moving along smoothly…
have a good one!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: 
Raili CA Design
Eric Olson Design
House Beautiful

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